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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Books Currently Available

Written by David C. McLean

Jennifer S. Chesler & I have produced quite a few books recently. Her Fragments is now available in a second expanded edition & is on sale at Lulu & also at Amazon. I edited & restored this book, which was left in a deplorable condition by her really moronic former "literary" agent. A number of pieces from the book are available on her blog, Postmodernmortem Fragments. This is the book that we have done via Nickel Hole Press that I would recommend most. I have posted a number of texts discussing Fragments further down in this alleged blog. 

Collaboratively we have produced three volumes in the series The Philosophy of Extremism. These are at Amazon at this link. A fourth volume is under production, rather slowly. The third volume, in particular, includes a few of the pieces I have written discussing Fragments. The rest of the pieces are either rather full of kink, or are discussions of real life scumbags. Generally speaking, they share the teratological impulse behind much of our prior individual work. One of these volumes was produced as an electronic book but banned by Apple (also scumbags) for promoting three of the four things they censor (only three, however, since we do not advocate bestiality).
I have recently produced three volumes of poetry, the majority of which is prose poetry, about Chesler, all unimaginatively titled Poems for Jennifer N, where "N" is naturally a variable. They are languishing here on Amazon. These are the only books of alleged poetry written by me that are at all satisfactory, as far as I am concerned, & represent a considerable improvement on my earlier work. A fourth volume is being written, much longer & better, & this is going to be available on Jennifer's birthday. This will, in part, obviate the necessity of actually purchasing a present. A long book, a sound thrashing, & a vigorous fuck or three should do the trick very nicely.
Apart from the Amazon links above, these books are available direct from our spotlight at Lulu. It would be nice if they were bought from Lulu, since Amazon are scumbag crackheads who pay both very late & fuck all.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Poems for Jennifer III at Amazon

Poems for Jennifer III by David C. McLean is now on sale at Amazon. It's at this link. Here's the blurb we did:  

Latest book of poems by David C. McLean from Nickel Hole Press. Contains his best work, love poetry very influenced by Lyotard's libidinal economy & the work of Deleuze about desire & desiring machines.

The book is also at Google Books at this link, as noted below.

It joins Fragments by Jennifer S. Chesler as the most recent works NHP has done. Here is Fragments at Amazon. Again the blurb:  

Fragments is a collection of pieces that explore such topics as dog sex in the Phoenix area,the stupidity of the average American, & the author's mental illness & poverty, both by circumstance & by psychogenesis at the hostile hands of her family. Jennifer S. Chesler is an author who is influenced by deconstruction, dadaism, nihilism, & situationism. This book is edited by David McLean This book is published via Lulu by Nickel Hole Press.

Their last collaborative work was The Natural History of the Cockwomble, and the third tome in that series is due soon enough.  Here is The Natural History of the Cockwomble at Amazon.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Cockwombles swarm all over Google

Here is the Google Books result for The Natural History of the Cockwomble, Philosophy of Extremism II by Jennifer S. Chesler, my wife, & myself. This is a great book which describes the Natural History of the Cockwomble by describing a few cockwombles & their antics. Thus it becomes an indictment of sexism & patriarchy in modern society.
Chesler also writes lovingly of my huge & delicious cock, something these previous cockwombles sadly lacked. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Natural History of the Cockwomble

Jennifer Chesler & David McLean are very pleased with recent work, being sick fucks, & have published The Natural History of the Cockwomble: Or, The Philosophy of Extremism Volume II via Nickle Hole Press, it is forthcoming from Amazon & other capitalist literary brothels soon, but is already on sale at this link. Here is the back cover blurb:

A book of "faction" & fiction that describes bad parenting styles leading to rape at the age of fifteen, prostitution & later revictimization. It also contains BDSM-themed fictional pieces & snippets from the authors' real lives, along with some analysis of the real elements in terms of psychologically-oriented feminism & philosophy.

Fragments on Barnes & Noble

The expanded & improved 2nd edition of  Fragments  by Jennifer S. Chesler is now at  Barnes & Noble at this link . Several pieces a...