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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Old & New Work by David C. McLean

Most of these were produced in the years leading up to 2015, & are from Oneiros Books & Black Editions Press. The rest of McLean's work is collaborative with Jennifer S. Chesler & from Nickel Hole Press. There are a few other chapbooks and three full lengths from years ago, but he doesn't like them. 

2017 on - From Nickel Hole Press, all at Lulu, the Poems for Jennifer series, described as "love poetry very influenced by Lyotard's libidinal economy & the work of Deleuze about desire & desiring machines". Samples can be found by searching on Google Books.

Poems for Jennifer I

Poems for Jennifer II

Poems for Jennifer III

Poems for Jennifer IV

From Oneiros Books:

nobody wants to go to heaven but everybody wants to die

Things the Dead Say

of desire & the lesion that is the ego

Zara & the Ghost of Gertrude

From Black Editions:

passion is dead flesh (chapbook)

of desire & the desert

too much human (chapbook)

There are also two novels available. Both are from Oneiros Books, but both are going to be rewritten in better versions. For now they are here:

Henrietta remembers

flesh & resurrection

Buy if you so desire.

More importantly, here are the above-mentioned collaborative works at Amazon, and here the brilliant Fragments by Jennifer S. Chesler.

Friday, May 25, 2018

"The Natural History of the Cockwomble" reaches Amazon

Now The Natural History of the Cockwomble: Philosophy of Extremism II has arrived on Amazon. It is available at this link

The book contains diatribes against various scumbags, a depiction of bad parenting styles, which are legion, and diverse perversities. For roughly the price of two frozen pizzas, the reader can sicken herself with these stories. 

It contains elements drawn from the real lives of the authors, these are the grossest parts. We would like to inform the reader that Tammy is a real person, and she is very upset by the first book. It is our hope that this slim volume will please her more. We finally reveal her true weight, varying though it may be.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Natural History of the Cockwomble

Soon at Amazon, we approved this book. David C. McLean & Jennifer S. Chesler are both happy. Jennifer's worthless psychiatrist & other scumbags are condemned, apart from the usual kink & humor. The honor of Tammy, a real person by the way, is definitively preserved.


Fragments , by Jennifer S. Chesler from Nickel Hole Press , edited by me,  is still on sale at Amazon at this link . We naturally prefer pu...