Thursday, July 19, 2018

Poems for Jennifer III at Amazon

Poems for Jennifer III by David C. McLean is now on sale at Amazon. It's at this link. Here's the blurb we did:  

Latest book of poems by David C. McLean from Nickel Hole Press. Contains his best work, love poetry very influenced by Lyotard's libidinal economy & the work of Deleuze about desire & desiring machines.

The book is also at Google Books at this link, as noted below.

It joins Fragments by Jennifer S. Chesler as the most recent works NHP has done. Here is Fragments at Amazon. Again the blurb:  

Fragments is a collection of pieces that explore such topics as dog sex in the Phoenix area,the stupidity of the average American, & the author's mental illness & poverty, both by circumstance & by psychogenesis at the hostile hands of her family. Jennifer S. Chesler is an author who is influenced by deconstruction, dadaism, nihilism, & situationism. This book is edited by David McLean This book is published via Lulu by Nickel Hole Press.

Their last collaborative work was The Natural History of the Cockwomble, and the third tome in that series is due soon enough.  Here is The Natural History of the Cockwomble at Amazon.

Fragments on Barnes & Noble

The expanded & improved 2nd edition of  Fragments  by Jennifer S. Chesler is now at  Barnes & Noble at this link . Several pieces a...