Saturday, September 30, 2017

To hell with manifestos

The forthcoming book by Jennifer S. Chesler & David McLean will now be called Anterior Suicide, & other Tragicomedies. It is already shaping up very nicely.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Extremism & Literature

This press has been created to spread the glorious doctrine of Extremism through the forthcoming book co-written by Jennifer S. Chesler, the originator of the idea, & her sidekick & fiancĂ© David McLean.  Here comes an early version of part of the book.

The Philosophy of Extremism: A Manifesto

by Jennifer S. Chesler & David McLean

Extremism is traditionally an exonymic term, applied pejoratively by outsiders to fringe groups. We, however, do not give a flying fuck and choose to apply this term to our collaborative literary art. It means that one should push everything to an extreme: Writing, painting, grocery shopping, shitting, whatever, just go for it like a crack whore getting messed up.

Chesler is extreme and falls in love with McLean on the other side of the world. McLean also extreme, moves to the worst town in the worst state in the USA for that reason.  Anderson, IN.

As perverts, it has come to our attention that the modern literary world aspires to transgression, the outlaw, and eroticism, without embracing the true joys of perversion. We have, for example, books like 50 Shades, glorifying masters & slaves & god knows what else. Seldom, however, does one see literature that is designed for the basic intellectual pervert, who gets turned on by sick fuckery & the like, but also has an appetite for more abstruse philosophical content. 

Basically, there is nothing that is not suitable as a subject for literature. Somewhere, there is somebody who will get hard or wet. It’s like rule 34.

For example, naughty girls need to be spanked in front of the whole class, so they can get some basic BDSM sex ed.  The damnable spot, the wetness. What is a teacher to do?

Much of the philosophy of extremism is based on hate. For instance, we dislike backsplash, the shit that shoots out when one ass fucks someone else, with strap-on or conventional penis, especially when they are obese and already smell like feces. With a larger dick, one mashes up fecal matter which is extruded with some force to color and odorize the whole pubic area. This is not really fun.

We hate crack babies, smack babies and nursing mothers who fail, only to let their husbands, girlfriends or boyfriends nurse. She may also be a sex worker, selling her milk at a high price to businessmen.

We have both been involved with women breastfed far too long. That shit has got to stop. There are perversions, and then there are perversions. Would you watch porn starring Rosie O'Donnell?’ We didn’t think so. Hatred is an admirable emotion. Much great literature throughout history has been shaped by the weird hatreds of its writers. Extremism is a vital force: the weirder and more fucked up literature gets, we are firmly convinced, the closer to divinity become the elevated authors and readers of said literature. 

At least it can be said to stand for something if you follow the philosophy of extremism. I would personally like Rosie porn and find her quite agreeable to my taste for larger, funny women. I hope she does not backsplash if she wants anal sex though, or I couldn't watch her again. It is a sorry world when women like Rosie get a fair shake while I'm stuck wiping off shit.

So we appeal to writers everywhere to get the fuck out of their narrow ideals of decency, and gross people out. As the Lone Groover once said: “deviation brings realization, so groove alone.“


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